Founded in January 2017, AUO Envirotech provides customers with solutions to sustainability (S2S) through the turnkey output of water treatment and intelligent control technologies developed by chemical engineering, electrical engineering and environmental engineering professionals through 20 years of plant operation experience. With the rise of the circular economy, we hope to extend our influence to other industries based on our belief in the equal emphases on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects. Starting from the parent company AUO, we hope to promote corporate sustainability as the goal of operations to the upstream and downstream supply chains and then to other industries.



Core Value

With innovative and integrated sustainability initiatives, we are to build trusting relationships through passion and integrity and to make a two-way sustainability between the Company and our customers.




With the rise of climate change and global warming, AUO Envirotech will continue our efforts in integrating technologies for intelligent energy-efficiency enhancement and water conservation. With regard to the principles of the circular economy, we hope to provide customers with a brand-new feeling and work for the sustainable development of the “environment,” “resources” and “business operations.”